Yoga originated in India and is in practice since so many years. It has gained valuable place not just in our country but various part the world. Various styles of yoga typically combines of physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation techniques.

Everyone’s body is different, and yoga postures should be modified based on individual abilities. Our instructor is experienced with and will be attentive to your need which is an important step toward helping you practice yoga safely.

Yoga has been studied and may be recommended to promote relaxation , concentration , improving breathing , relieve stress and improve some medical conditions related to stress . Yoga is considered to be helping in controlling those conditions brought about by sedentary lifestyles. It is particularly promoted as physical therapy routine and is a regimen to concentrate and balance all parts . Yoga may improve psychological health. It can be useful in addition to other treatments and have positive effects on cognitive health too.


We are qualified to design individual Nutritional plans to help attain healthier lifestyle. Today’s major health care problems are increasingly the result of acute and chronic conditions which are related to poor nutrition. A large portion of people suffering from Hypertension, Hormone related disorders, Heart disease, Diabetes and Cancer can be attributed to unhealthy eating habits and obesity. With help of our Nutrition counseling prevention of nutrition related conditions can be achieved such as the need for weight management. Nutrition counseling can also be tailored to meet the treatment needs of patients with diagnoses of specific illnesses, can help reduce complications and side effects and also can improve general wellbeing.

Whether you’re a normal sedentary person, distance runner, football player, gymnast, soccer player, a cyclist or triathlete, our experts understand the key role nutrition plays in achieving athletic performance. We help you understand, plan and execute nutrition strategies for daily living, training and competing. We offer a comprehensive suite of nutrition-based strategies and counseling services.


A true spirit of fighting. It is one of the most famous combat sports which holds respect and glory all over the world. An individual who is indulging in even learning this sport not only develop marvelous fitness but also learns the discipline to maintain his body through proper nutrition and training. Boxing improves the sporting ability of the individual like speed, power, strength, reaction time which leads to a superb explosiveness in his physical capabilities and performance. When an individual learns how to Box, he develops an unique self confidence of facing the world and accept challenges and step forward to fight it and win it . An individual gets a chance to direct his frustration and aggression through proper medium of boxing as he gets the right channel to use his suppressed force to build up and motivate himself to face the challenges of life. As a result an inner peace and calmness is developed inside the body of an individual who practices the sport of boxing.

With boxing he develops a quality of fighting the very tough challenges in life and winning it with complete self confidence and fearlessness. The challenges are always tough but with a peaceful mind and a will to fight and win. To strategy to execute the plan and strike at a right time is the quality developed with practicing boxing.


Personal fitness training is a service where a trainer gives personalised one to one training and attention to the individuals fitness goals and help him achieve his fitness targets and fitness dreams .

A personal fitness trainer is a person who helps you reach your best capability in fitness and general physical preparedness . He trains you to improve your Muscular strength , Muscular Endurance, Cardio vascular Endurance , speed , agility , speed endurance , flexibility , reaction time, explosiveness and so on . It completely depends on a individual goals where he wants to see himself with the desire goal.

A Trainer is certified in personal Fitness training , who understand the anatomy and bio mechanics of individual to design workouts accordingly and accomplished his ideal body composition.

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